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Zoe Petre: „In societatea romaneasca exista o radicalizare fara precedent”

2 comentarii / 4899 vizualizări / 28 iunie 2012

Scandalul Năstase şi războiul neîntrerupt dintre palate au dus la o radicalizare fără precedent în cadrul societăţii româneşti, afirmă analistul politic Zoe Petre, pentru Inpolitics.

„Mă tem că scandalurile cu iz de telenovelă vor continua, ne place sau nu, întreaga vară. Este cât se poate de clar că Traian Băsescu se luptă pentru supravieţuire politică şi este un om care perseverează în războiul lui. E greu de spus în ce fel acest scandal îşi poate pune amprenta asupra viitorului proces electoral. Însă, s-au accentuat la modul dramatic ostilităţile din interiorul societăţii româneşti. Unele dintre persoanele care îl susţin pe Traian Băsescu au fost foarte crude şi neomenoase. La polul opus al baricadei, în tabăra USL, există mai multă compasiune pentru Adrian Năstase decât ne-am fi aşteptat. Un lucru este cert, în cadrul societăţii româneşti există o radicalizare fără precedent”, explică Zoe Petre. (R.Gheorghe)

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2 Comentarii

  1. Very interesting! The book and your post sum up some of the beiarhovs which are intuitive to some people, but probably completely unnoticed by others.In searching for the correct posture as a student or post-doc, I think your description captures my own views: in other words, the instrumental behavior is the really important one, BUT when it fits, it is worthwhile to combine it with expressive behavior. As per your examples, sometimes a student can make a good name for her/him self by asking a good question or two at a seminar even if the answer doesn’t especially intrigue you. Or, if you are in the lab late in the evening or on a weekend and the PI does happen to be in his office, coming by to show some data and make sure your efforts are noticed. (If you aren’t already dubbed as a dedicated student/post-doc). On the other hand, I wouldn’t ever suggest coming in to the lab for no reason just to try to impress the PI. Of course, there is a fine line between doing some of these things subtly, and ostentatiously, which may come across as presumptuous or perhaps even arrogant with fellow students.But I do think the point is made that a student can do subtle things that will help promote her/his instrumental behavior. Very nice blog to see it put in words!

  2. Oh gosh, this brings back mimroees, mostly bad ones. When I was an undergraduate in Leeds, I very much enjoyed and appreciated the fact that Yorkshire people (and the many Geordies with whom I hug out) were very much take-them-as-you-find-them and called a spade a fookin’ spade. Then oh, then I went to Cambridge as a graduate and found that people are never as they seem. They are just nests of sliding panels, and with the exception of a very few people I was never entirely sure which of their many personalities, if any, were trustworthy, or genuine. It literally drove me round the bend.


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